Update TinyMCE and allow full functionality

TinyMCE can do so much more than the few functions enabled by cs-cart currently in 2.2.1 and in fact had functions such as full justify removed when updating from 2.1.4 to 2.2.1. I am requesting that cs-cart update the modules and plugins to their latest versions and allow a lot more features of TinyMCE to be used. Here are some of what is available in TinyMCE to format your HTML in your wysiwyg window:

save, new document, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, justifyleft, justifycenter, justifyright, justifyfull, styleselect, formatselect, fontselect, fontsizeselect, copy, paste, pastetext, pasteword, search, replace, bullist, numlist, outdent, indent, blockquote, undo, redo, link, unlink, anchor, image, cleanup, help,code, insertdate, inserttime, preview, forecolor, backcolor, tablecontrols, hr, removeformat, visualaid, sub, sup, charmap, emotions, iespell, media, advhr, print, ltr, rtl, fullscreen, insertlayer, moveforward, movebackward, absolute, styleprops, spellchecker, cite, abbr, acronym, del, ins, attribs, visualchars, nonbreaking, template, blockquote, pagebreak, insertfile, insertimage and more…

Why don’t you just upload TinyMCE full which Tool has very kindly put together for us all here.

Thanks for that link, I tried a few other approaches but this one works the best so far. To the point of my post, cs-cart should have these updated modules included in their version updates.