Update shipping automatically

In checkout, customers have to click to update the shipping charges and it is the most dusty and jarring thing in checkout. I am not sure how this feature has gone through all these CS-Cart versions without being revamped.
Is there any way to update shipping automatically after customer enters their address?

If there was one, I think it would be already implemented.
We’ve implemented CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor for multiple customers from Poland and around the world, and no one especially complained about this click. There’s a clear information for customer what he has to do, and why he has to do it.

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In our market, e-commerce is not heavily adopted and not all people are tech-literate. We want to remove friction as much as possible.
Just because there are no complaints doesn’t mean its good either. People don’t always know what they want. People might like it even better if there was no click to update but they might not complain about it.

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Well, I think technically you can disable the block with profile fields, that cause the black box over shipping methods to appear.
This, however, will make shippings unable to adjust to customer’s location. So you would need then to configure shippings so that all of them are visible by default, and customer selects one of them.

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A consistent issue that marketplace owners have with cs cart…

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I wouldn’t wait for them. CS-Cart team has gotten too comfortable. They are not looking at the product anymore but on how they can make more money.

I understand why you’d want that thing changed. And if it was a matter of “just remove it”, we would’ve done just that, months ago or earlier.

But as it turns out, this functionality involves a lot of things in CS-Cart (profile fields, shipping methods, checkout itselfetc.). So it takes thorough research to make things right, and we intend to to just that. But because the scope of work is unclear as of yet, I can’t make any promises as to in what version things will change.

I understand that when someone requests a change, they’d rather have it as soon as possible. Preferably yesterday. With checkout and “Click to recalculate”, I’m even inclined to agree.

But such comments skirt dangerously close towards breaking the forum rules and usually get removed outright. We’re ok with constructive criticism — like your previous comment, which has a very valid point — but not with comments that are detrimental to the community.

P.S. The checkout improvement is still in our plans. Not immediate — because it requires some more analysis than we’ve already done — but longer term.