Unsubscribe from mailing list

How about a check box to unsubscribe to the mailing list in the user profile page? The link in the email when you sign up is easily lost 6 months down the road.

I wonder why is this so hard to implement?

Every other CMS app out there has it! Like phpwcms for example.

Why not do it and put it on the next release or tell us how?

As a last resource I would create a PHP page to check on the database if the email provided exist, if it does to remove it.

That way I tell my recipients to visit www.mysite.com/remove.php to remove themselves from the list.

There they provide their subscribed email address and it is deleted from the database.

A direct link is the ideal – and lawful – thing. But the second choice is a good fix for now…

And another thing.

A way to test the newsletter to be sent must be implemented (just like in phpwcms) it provides a text field where if you input your email address it will only send one copy of the newsletter to you, where you can make sure everything works fine, all the images appear, and then you send them to all the subscribers.

Right now if you did something wrong you find out too late and it can cause a few embarrassments.

This is basic newsletter procedure.

But just to clarify… Everything else this cart can do makes up for the little things it’s missing. I love the work the dev team has done and this is just meant as a constructive criticism to make something good, better.

Shouldnt be too hard to do, all you need to do is match cscart_users table with cscart_subscribers table by email field, if they match, display a checkbox/link with unsubscribe using the unsubscribe key, same one that is generated in the email they get.