Unreliable add to cart

Does anyone else find the add to cart button completely unreliable?

Some times it works fine, other times it won’t add.

Without AJAX it is extremely unreliable and will take several goes to get it to add. I have asked everyone I know and some can add, some can’t.

AJAX has the same problem - more reliable but not 100%. Sometimes it will just hang.

I have read through the forums and several people have had the same problem but there is NO solution here

I’ve only seen problems with Ajax. Without it, it seems to work fine.

I’ve never had a problem without AJAX

really? i see, thanks

Well, I am having to use Ajax. I cannot add some products at all without ajax.

CS-cart reckon I have a javascript error on my page which could cause it but I can’t see one.

don’t suppose anyone else can?

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Only issue was when I had Ajax turned on

There could be a couple things happening here. I think I have a guess of why it might be happening, but can you provide a little more information about when things “aren’t being added”.

Please describe in detail what page you’re on and what happens when you click “add to cart” and then how do you verify that it hasn’t been added?

I had ajax turned off and it was happening too

but cs cart fixed it for me since i had support then

they fixed something in the database but didn’t tell me what it was

I can either be a JS or cookie issue depending on what behavior is happening…