Unlimitedwebhosting :-)

Next one that is better to avoid :-) http://www.unlimitedwebhosting.co.uk they are so unlimited that are very limited :-) they have advert for magento hosting but when you will try them you will see just in the dream :-) we are not their client anymore but they charged us for domain name for two years :-) very strange business manners :-) They blamed a cscart is a wrong programmed a live zilla is a shit :-)

Yes a very hard to find good hosting :-(

Which package did you have with them?

ok for charging us for domain name they did refund :-) and made apologies :-) have no idea about package it was year ago and when I realized they are not able to host magento I bought a cscart but was same :-( live zila killed their server wooow :-) they said there is a software glitch :-) Now is year a something and live zilla is working like a dream on vps 2048 :-) that is it :-) I said astalavista baby :-) but I paid this unlimited hosting nearly year as a toy :-) I had a drupal but I realized they are not good for either :-(

Now I know everything unlimited is a f limited

I avoid any host that has the term “unlimited” in their details. I don’t want others who “need” unlimited to be using the same resorces as me :-)

Having said that my main host doesn’t but I have other hosts that do. But the sites I use them for are only really link and affiliate farms :-) I certainly would host an ecommerce site on one.