Unit Testing


I am writing a lot of our domain specific code in app/lib/other/bfa ... bfa is an acronym for the company I work for.

Folder structure is currently looking like this:





I am including the latest version of PHPUnit in /app/lib/other/bfa/composer.json rather than version 5 which comes with CS-CART root composer.json.

I then PSR-4 autoload my module into /app/lib/composer.json.

A few questions:

- Has anyone done any unit testing for their CS-CART code already?

- If so, was there any special configuration you did?

- Did you do any integration tests on the controller dispatch routes? If so, how did you configure it

- Currently I have to included my library into /app/lib/composer.json manually after each upgrade, is there any way that I can incorporate it on an ongoing basis?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.