Unique Product Sku Or Code

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here I present a simple new paid add-on "Click"


This useful addon improves stores inventory management by reducing the duplicacy of SKUs. It identifies already existing duplicate product codes and also auto replace them with unique ones. It picks out products with same sku and has a very neat process to replace it with a different code as per the addon configuration. This ad-don's functions on product detail page, product list page and when a user uploads product data using import functionality. This extension is ideal for stores that do not have fixed SKUs coming from their external suppliers. If you are running your business and need to have control over uniqueness of products using SKU, this addon is definitely for you.


  • 1. Restricting duplicate entry of SKU code of products.
  • 2. The option of SKU format based on prefix_middle_suffix is provided at backend.
  • 3. Existing products with similar SKU can be listed at backend.
  • 4. Validation is applicable at product manage, product update and product import page.
  • 5. Well integrated with CS-Cart Multivendor.

Please click here to view the demo "CLICK"


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