_Uninstall_Install In Add On As Option

Hi all -

I have an issue lately... in my Manage Addon screen, I see the option _UNINSTALL_INSTALL on all my add ons. It is located above the UNINSTALL option in the drop down for the add on. If I click on it, it uninstalls the add on. This showed up after I moved to a different server. We did a copy of all the files and DB for the migration, so not sure if that caused it or not?

I am on MV 4.7.1 SP3.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


If I remember correctly, this option is added by 3rd party addon. So review your addons, disable 3rd party and check the result

THANK YOU! It was this hungryWeb addon that I am not sure where that came from... I disabled it and boom... its all great now! THANK YOU.