Unified Inventory for multiple products

What I do want is the ability to have multiple products that share the same inventory source. I do custom embroidery and in order to maintain inventory on my hats, I have to use a dropdown that lists over 15 different motorcycle logo choices. I would like to set them up as individual products all pulling from the single colors combination hat inventory.

Example: They want a goldwing on a black hat so it pulls 1 from the black hat inventory

And they want another hat with a ST1300 on it on a black hat so it pulls 1 from the same inventory for black hats. I want to make these separate products so my customers (some of whom are not very computer savvy) can go to the product and not have to dive down thru the available options.


-------------Feeds from ------------

1 Combination inventory source

Am I the only one that would like this capability?

This is the only option that I know of:

ADDON: "Product packages" add-on - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums

"Product packages" modification

I agree that being able to pull inventory from a part number that is used in builds of other part numbers is really necessary. I have the same problems.

Thanks for the links… they want like $400 to modify it. Not in the Budget.