Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location

When customers go to order on our site, they see the following at checkout:

Unfortunately, no shipping options are available for your location.

I don’t know what version of CS-Cart I have, or I would tell you. Here are my questions, how do I get rid of the above sentence from my checkout and how do I tell what version of CS-Cart that I have?



That error appears when there are no shipping options available for the customers location.

depending on your version this is where you locate it in

1.3.4 sp3

Home—> Tools—> Upgrade center

which can be accessed through the db Backup/Restore link in the Administration sidebox…click Upgrade Center in the top box

Okay, this is the version that I have


How do I set up shipping options for the customers locations? I don’t use real time UPS. I pretty much just offer Free shipping. I would like to charge more for those who live in Hawaii and Alaska.


Take a look at the thread below for flat-rate shipping instructions. You can set up different destinations (Manage destinations) and assign a different shipping amount based on the destination (e.g., Lower 48, AK and HI).


You will also need to set up a separate destination for any location where you must collect sales Tax.