Understanding question

Hello again,

This question came to me today.

who knows why?

is the payouts a reason?

No one has asked this question?

never had a vendor adjust her order?

This ins a understanding question… if you think this good or maybee not…

If you like that de vendor can edit an place a new order is realy simple to realize it… but this is not the question :)

I dont understand what you ask?



the ask is the Subtitel from this topic…

Why a vendor can't edit her order

this is the question…

has a reason? Which?

my shop is not curently online but i think an other shop has more experience…

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the ask is the Subtitel from this topic…


Then why are you repeatedly posting in completely unrelated topics?! This is a community-driven forum, where we, as a community of CS-Cart users, post questions and answers for other members of the community - the community will falter if nobody gives anything back or a member continually posts incoherently and so, gets ignored.

Please use each topic in relation to each of your problems - without doing so, nobody can help you.

Sorry too much language barrier for me I still no comprende!