Under still developpment Industrial website


i want your opinion about the future website of my compagny. I’m working on it about 1 month and a lot of time i spend on.

The website is still under developpement.

Thanks for your recommandations :slight_smile:

PS : website is only in french language

Website here

It’s not just in French if you use Chrome Browser. :slight_smile:

I would remove the top nav and move those links under the “Company Info” and definitely remove the black top link background. It detracts from the rest of the site.

You have alot of color in the site, which can be good, however the the color seems to be more prevalent in the non-essential elements of the page. It distracts users from doing what they are supposed to do when they visit, which is browse product offerings.

Read “Save The Pixel”. It’s an eBook about web design and offers some good opinions.

Thanks for your reply, we’re going to resolve some graphic mistakes :slight_smile: