Uncaught ReferenceError: libphonenumber is not defined

I would like to solve this problem.
This happens when enable phone country search.
I reviewed the files, but didn’t find any files related to the script.
If you know the solution,
please reply. thank you


Can you provide full backtrace of this error and, if possibly, steps to reproduce it?

This is not a cs-cart bug because does not occur if disable Unitheme.
I checked some files to find the cause but couldn’t find any association with unitheme and phone_mask.js.
There is no override for phone.tpl or profile.tpl, so I don’t know why this happens.
I solved the error and validate by modifying the js file, but I couldn’t fix the country changing when entering the number.
Since the js file is the core, we are looking for the cause for future updates.

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