Unable to Upgrade

A client of our recently deployed 2 cloned sites based off a working cs-cart build. They didn’t install new…they just copied the directory and the db to a new domain.They bought new licenses for the carts. The issue is that the original cart was upgraded with its working license prior to cloning the sites. Would this scenario not allow the cloned sites to be able to be upgraded even with their valid keys? Trying to get to the bottom of this and how to progress.


The key is sent to cs-cart upon admin login. So as long as the key is valid, you should get upgrade notifications.

You might want to go to the upgrade center in the cloned carts and remove all the older versions that might be there since they would clearly relate to the original site.

I am now getting a “This upgrade is not available for your CS-Cart license. Please contact CS-Cart support team to update your license status.” warning. The key is not expired though. I am wondering what I will need to do.

Is the license over a year old? If so, then you have to purchase an upgrade package.

Contact the helpdesk for these issues. They’re the only ones who can look at the real data related to your license.