Unable to see total commission earned after upgrade to Multi-Vendor v4.16.2

Before the upgrade to Multi-Vendor v4.16.2 was able to see my total commission earned and sales however now I don’t see the commission only see the sales. Is there a setting, link or some way to see the commission? otherwise, it means daily manual calculations

Can you elaborate where did you see the commission total in older versions? I don’t recall something like that being available.
Also, if your vendors process orders through an unified system (ex. PayPal Commerce Platform), you should have the payment summary available there.

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I’ve been using it for a couple of years now.
see attached

Here is another screenshot showing the INCOME (commission earned) and SALES from the earlier version.
This is what I’d like to see on the dashboard. I presume anyone else in business using CS-Cart MV would also like to see their profits.


The Sales are still displayed at the new dashboard:

But the Income is not present, you are right. So I have created the new task for the developers to add it back in the future versions :slight_smile:

Also you can disable the new dashboard view by adding the following code:

$config['simple_dashboard'] = false;

into the config.local.file in your installation.