Unable To Save Changes In The Theme Editor

Im using 4.2.3

Everything was working fine until I accidentally overwritten the .less file of the current style (edited it directly using the file editor under styles>data). I pasted back the original content but now I can no longer save any changes in the theme editor.

When I make a change (lets say background color) and save, the changes are applied but disappears after I close the theme editor.

I think i broke something but not sure how to fix :S

Any help is appreciated

Dear Buging,

  1. Try to clear cache, or
  2. Check if you inserted back all the lines. You may download the trial version of the standard CS-Cart and find there the file you have changed. Compare it with the file you have on your store.

    Best regards, Alt-team.

If you use the clear cache feature from the admin panel and nothing changes, try to delete the var/cache directory manually.

My visual editor will not save the changes, it never has since installation. When I click save it goes right back to the original look??? As far as I can see all of the permissions on files and folders are correct, I am having to hard code changes that I am sure will affect every template which I would rather not do. Here is the store, just started on it, any help out there??


Thank you in advance!

UPDATE: Don't know what I did but now my admin page goes to the other store admin which doesn't have full rights, I can access the full admin, only the second store owners admin … help what did I do to make this happen???

Please contact CS-Cart support team and keep us updated about their answer

I think I figured out what was happening, not sure if this is how the cart should work or not, this is my first time using this cart.

When I am logged in as the 2nd store owner and I log out, it shows that store login page when I type in my admin address. I can login as the 2nd store owner or the main admin from that address, I must have had the wrong password yesterday, I changed in via myphpadmin and was able to login … does anyone know if that is how the cart admin is suppose to work?

Getting familiar with this cart and like it other than I still can't save anything in visual editor, I wish I could get that to work!!

Since a few months now I haven't been able to save in Theme Editor as well, but only in Chrome. If I use the Theme Editor in Firefox or IE, it works fine. Really strange. I thought it was a bug in the last version, but still happening in latest release. Not sure what I did. Does anyone know if there's a known bug? Already tried clearing cache, and tried multiple computers (mac and windows).

Ive been having similar issues with 4.2.4

Since the fresh trial install. And still now fully licenced. Using Facebook responsive theme as the base.

  1. Could create a new themes and edit it, but the Storefront would not use it.
  2. Any first open of storefront (ie new PC or new browser) does not display correct template. Menu colour is incorrect and blocks are missing.
  3. If I then login to admin side and start the Visual Theme Editor… the storefront then displays correctly.
  4. All subsiquent views of the storefront on the test PC now remain as they should be for a while until some random event causes the theme to drop back to the incorrect one.
  5. Clearing browser cache, server cache clears using &cc and &tpl have no effect.
  6. Problem exists with all browsers.
  7. Also noted that changes to any css must occur in the /base/ folder rather than the /responsive/ folder.

    Ive also logged a Support Ticket with HelpDesk as Im sure this isnt a server issue as Ive seen others report similar issues and inability to save theme changes etc.