Unable to login on admin panel

I can get to the login page for my admin panel, I type in my email and password but it won’t take me to the admin panel. I’ve tried on IE, chrome and safari. IE eventually tells me it can’t connect. Chrome tells me there are too many redirects. Safari does nothing. Any ideas?

Your problem may be something different, but first verify that you are using the correct email/pass. See this thread on how to change it directly in the db:

[url=“Changed admin email and now none work - Installation & Upgrade - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Changed admin email and now none work - Installation & Upgrade - CS-Cart Community Forums

too many redirects, have you checked your .htaccess

Your symptoms suggest something is wrong with the files which trigger the login, as you should be getting an 'incorrect login' message if it was the login details. Try log in to your server and manually clear the /var/cache/ and /var/compiled/ folders if they exist. Clear your web browsers cache, and then try again.

Check your HTTP/HTTPS values in config.local.php and check the .htaccess file in the root of your install.

If that doesn't cure it, try what Don says. Failing that, it's going to need a closed look at your hosting setup to find the problem.

I need more detailed instructions. I don't know much about website building and maintenance. I tried calling my hosting company and they can't help me with content. If you can provide more detail, I'd greatly appreciate it (I.e. how do I clear /var/cache and /var/compiled? Just delete all files and folders inside that folder? I can access/edit the htaccess file in my FTP but I don't know what it should/shouldn't have in it). Thanks for any info you can offer…

Yes, use FTP to access your server and delete all the contents of /var/cache/ and /var/compiled/ if it exists.

Thanks so much! It worked!