Unable to change the skin colour


I’m totally new to cs cart and I am trying to teach myself as quickly as possible.

I’ve tried to change the skin background using the tutorials and think I’ve followed them correctly.

I’ve also done it in development mode plus tried to clear the cache using the url/admin?cc method.

However its still not worked.

I’m using the basic skin and I basically want to change the background colours plus the button colours from blue to red.

If anyone could help I’d be really grateful


You need to be specific and tell us what file(s) you changed and what you changed in them. Otherwise, we’re guessing at which tutorial you followed and/or what you may have done.

If you changed css , be sure to clear your browser cache as well.

Great thanks for the advice. I cleared the browser cache and it worked.

I’m going to try and do the same for the buttons now and I’ll be back if need anything further!