Unable To Add Products Using Data Feeds On Facebook

Is there any easy way to upload products on Facebook using data feeds? It's quit impossible to manually upload products on Facebook then promote for it's Catalogue ad set. Uploading csv file from the site, shows error in all fields and rejected all products by FB. What's the solution for MV?

Anyone please reply. also found no discussion in the forum about it. is it not possible with cs cart? then it's a big disadvantage of it.

You can use the automatic import via the facebook pixel, however in my case I am facing an error, which when trying to import the pixel does not find the "id" field of the product which is mandatory in the microdata. So far I have not been able to solve this problem.

If you find a solution please let me know, I also need this functional tool.

Faced same problem here. Not sure why the cs-cart authority or any authorized reseller don't reply to this topic and even can't find any discussion over the forum about this important issue. seems it has no solution!