Ultra slow product display.

Home page loads fine.

Display of product boxes loads fine.

Quick View 8 seconds.

Main detailed product page 34 - 38 seconds.

No big photos anywhere ( max 4 x 110k jpegs ).

500 products.

I was timing page results with only 6 products in a particular sub-category

just in case a large number of search results were causing the slowdown.

Has anyone had a slow down like this and more importantly

HOW did they solve it ?

Sorry I didn't mention it

CS-CART 3 latest version.

Installed about one week ago.

Our web space just underwent a migration

and I had to change all the DNS name servers.

Can you provide the URL of your cart?


It's fairly fast (around two seconds) for me in Australia.

First of all you will need to configure your server settings e.g. gzip, cache, database etc.


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Quick View 8 seconds.

Main detailed product page 34 - 38 seconds.


Can confirm, it really takes so long from UK. As said, it would need to check the server settings as I don't believe it's CS-Cart itself.

My web space was migrated to a new server recently.

It is now using PHP 5.4 and this appears to be the culprit.

I am in the process of getting my web space UN- migrated.

I did carry out the only 2 optimization tips I could find in the

CS-Cart KB.

Thanks for taking a look good people.

Site moved back to old server with PHP 5.3

Now 2 second page loads