Ultimate process

In process of putting together a test Ultimate site.

I configured it to use a store on a different domain (same server) and was wondering at what point the products are supposed to show up from the other domain in the Ultimate configuration? I have not yet done the site re-direction since I don’t really want to destroy this other site. But I would have thought that the other site would show the products from the other store when that individual store was selected and then view products was chosen. But it shows no products.

Trying to understand the process in more detail and I would have expected all that the products, customers and orders would show from the individual store view at this point in the process.

Can anyone explain when that data becomes visible?

Maybe I’m confused on what’s really going on here because the process never requests any credentials for accessing the other domain…

When you view 'All Stores', it should show all the product, customer, order details, etc like so:

Product Number One (Store: Your First Store)

Product Number Six (Store: Your Second Store)

When you click to view 'Your First Store' and view products, you will only see the products for that store.

You just need to log-in to your 'admin' site, which gives access to all other storefronts (Your First Store, Your Second Store, etc), you don't need to log-in again thus no further login credentials or authorisation is required.

Hope that helps

By default a second store will not share anything with the first.

When you create the second store you need to choose what you want to share. If you didn't do this then nothing is currently shared.

How does one share it?

Currently when I select the store I added and then view products it shows nothing. Same for orders and customers.

Doesn't the Ultimate side need the DB credentials or Admin Credentials of the other store to get to the data? Or is there another step I need to do to "export' the new store into the Ultimate environment.

I'm guessing that an Ultimate environment is simply all data from all stores in one DB but separated by company_id. Once a store is brought in and the cPanel redirection done, then the old store is pretty much obsolete (database and document root).

I would also hope that all the setup/admin info for the added store would also just come into the Ultimate environment.

When you created the second store there were options to configure what information is copied / shared. This is a very small drop-down link under the heading “Copy Existing Store Information” and defaults to “none”. If you click this link you select which store information to copy and what to share.

Hmm, I don't see anywhere where it asks about what info… I click New Store and then fill in the URL of the store for http/https. Beyond that, it list the company name info and email addresses. But nothing related to what to share.

Triplets, can you provide a screen shot of what you see?

[url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Isn't that to copy an existing store's content (I.e. a store that already exists in the Ultimate configuration). It's not for the new store being added is it? The new store couldn't be in the list yet since we're on the create page for it… Wouldn't that mean use the blocks, products, etc. from a current Ultimate store in creating the new one? I wouldn't think it says “use an existing store to define what you want to copy from the site you are creating…”

It would still need credentials to get the info. I.e. the database name/password and/or an admin password to use an API for passing the data from the current V3 Pro store to the new Ultimate store…

Sure be nice if the docs actually had a walk-through type of description rather than a bunch of screen shots or better explained the behavior of the choices shown in the screen shots.

Are you looking to create a store or import from an existing CS-Cart implementation like Professional to Ultimate? If the latter, then you want Administration–Store Import. This assumes that the existing site is on the same server as Ultimate.

Yes, that's what I'm trying to do… That would explain it… I'll check that out.

I think what Triplets was suggesting was a way to clone an existing Ultimate store's setting in a brand new store…

Yes, I was describing creating a ultimate store 2 from an existing ultimate store 1. I have done this several times for clients selling the same items on multiiple web sites and it works great.

Hmm, I don't see an Administration/ Store Import…

I see Import which sub-menus to Products, etc. But nothing for bringing in another store

I see Store Access which has nothing to do with Ultimate per-se.

I feel pretty dumb here, but this process is anything less than intuitive…

Okay, it's an addon that is not installed by default. Installed the Store Import addon and it now shows in the Administration menu… Will play around here later…




Store tables with the specified prefix are missing in the specified database.


Just not true. The DB is there, the password is correct and it's a running V3.0.2 site and this is V3.0.2 Ultimate…

Yes, they are on the same server and even in the same cPanel account (but different document roots).

Guess I'll pack it in until everything seems to work properly… This is what I love about cs-cart. I spend hours trying to do simple things (or at least what seem simple to me).

Sorry, forgot it was an addon, I remember searching for it too. I strongly suggest you download 3.0.3. I had a lot of problems importing my Pro 2.5 store. Support had to jump in a few times to fix what I assume were some bugs, particularly with the product import. I've not tried it since but I would hope that 3.0.3 would have some of the bugs worked out.

Since I was importing, the “upgrade” from V3.0.2 to V3.0.3 wasn't yet available so had to go with V3.0.2.

I don't have time to fool with this. Not sure why I even started other than people are bugging me about having addons available for V3. I have some that work in V3 Pro, but not in V3 Ultimate with single store. So thought I might be able to find the problem…

I originally had stated that I wouldn't even consider working with V3 till V3.0.4 or later. Guess that was a pretty good bet.

Silly me.