Ultimate edition problem with multiple stores!

Hi at all!

I’ve a serious problem!

I installed Ultimate edition software on my web domain, but the 2nd store (ex. acme) has the same categories and setting of 1st store…

When I try to add a new category under 1st store, both the stores are going to change…

The second store is a “clone” of the first one. :shock:

For example, you can see here:

1st store - [url=“http://www.ilweddingstore.com/liste-nozze-sposi/”]http://www.ilweddingstore.com/liste-nozze-sposi/[/url] (That’s all right)

2nd store - [url=“http://www.ilweddingstore.com/liste-nozze-sposi/acme/”]http://www.ilweddingstore.com/liste-nozze-sposi/acme/[/url] (Problem!)

Note that I haven’t made any changes or configuration in admin panel.

If I try to setup ultimate software under an other domain (with an other hosting service), the problem disappears…

You can see here:

1st store - [url=“http://www.realizzazione-siti-internet.biz/liste-nozze-sposi/”]http://www.realizzazione-siti-internet.biz/liste-nozze-sposi/[/url]

2nd store - [url=“http://www.realizzazione-siti-internet.biz/liste-nozze-sposi/acme/”]http://www.realizzazione-siti-internet.biz/liste-nozze-sposi/acme/[/url]

On this domain the software works well. Why does this happen?

Where is the problem? :confused:

Please, Can someone help me now?


The acme store is setup to share orders, products and categories between stores.

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The acme store is setup to share orders, products and categories between stores.


Yes…, but under second domain (www.realizzazione-siti-internet-biz) It works correctly (as ultimate demo in cs-cart site…), while in a first domain (www.ilweddingstore.com) It works wrong!

Please, look at my last post…

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Why does this happen?[/font][/color]

check the settings for the cojmpany. I know you can change things around afer the fact but I don't really mess with it since I'm not a big ultimate fan.

However, when objects are shared, they have a company ID of zero. So when you “unshare” them, they need to be reset to the company ID of the actual owner. Since they do things this way, I have no idea how it could assign product A to store 1 and product B to store 2 without doing it manually.

Have you submitted a helpdesk ticket? The $5usd or so it would cost you might be well worth the time.