Ultimate beta tester for Mailchimp

Attempting to bring our popular Mailchimp addon forward to support multiple stores under Ultimate.

Looking for someone with a 2 store (or more) config that can utilize different mailchimp lists/configurations per company.

The addon should support a mailchimp API key for all companies and/or separate for each. Same goes for many of the other config options.

The export mechanism is global across all companies.

We still have to add the company designation into the subscription setups so subscriptions will be specific to a company. But should have this done shortly.

You should be familiar with Mailchimp use so you can verify results of the addon and be willing to test/verify ecommerce integration, subscriptions and export of customers, users and orders.

Please contact me directly at supportXX@ez-msXX.com (remove X's) if you can assist with this. Will give you a 2 company license for your assistance.