Two-Letter State Abbreviations?

I’m in the US and so far all my orders have come through with the State spelled out in full. As this is NOT the way the postal service wants States addressed on packages, is there a way to change what appears to be the default full name to the two-letter abbreviation? My former shopping cart allowed a switch to do that. Does CS-Cart?

Go to Shipping/taxes>States and change the state/province name to match the code. Tedious but it works.


Ahhhh…so easy!

Thanks Bob. I’m done already. :smiley:

We'd like to do the same thing without editing the database.

I was hoping to just change a line or two in the query to pull the two letter state abbreviation, instead of grabbing the fully spelled out version.

Our current version: 2.2.1

[quote]We'd like to do the same thing without editing the database.[/quote]

You don't have to directly access the database to edit these state names, you can easily change these abreviations from within the admin panel.

Hmm, for country == US, they use the 2 letter code for state and for others it is spelled out. At least that's the logic I've seen when creating the shipping XML files and other datum.

Specifically what area are you seeing it spelled out? I could be spelled out on the invoice. Try printing a shipping label and see what it yields.


It does seem silly to change the State name to the abreviation. This should be a simple matter of changing the code on the invoice page to show the “state code” instead of “state/provience”

Any one know how to do this?

Not silly at all… USPS and the fast majority of US shipping carriers use state code versus state name in their API interfaces. It is a very common practice.

Does anybody know how to change the actual “code” for the states? Not just how it appears like “Alabama” but the actual code called “AL”?

My processor is using the state codes to process orders but has a two character limited. So APO AE is failing. It needs to pull just AE for instance.

I been looking through the folders in my FTP. I see a file called manage.tpl in /skins/basic/admin/views/states but don't see any references to “APO AE” or “code”.