Two carts?


I buy and sell certain items and was trying to come up with ways to use CS-Cart to do this. They recommended i use the quantity discount to put the items as a negative cost (think trading movies, one movie may be worth 3.00 so the customer might want to buy a 4.00 movie and trade in a 3.00 movie) So i was going to go with that. Now the more i think about it the more i worry it will have issues with duplicates during search (sell and buy items are identicle just different prices).

What I came up with was running two carts, is there anyway to do this or to show the items as seperate as in display the price but when they are in the cart they do not change the total or anything?

Hello Perco!

Do you want to sell the same item for a different price? For example, an item will cost $4 in one store and the same item will cost $3 in another. If it is correct and the price doesn't depend on options or quantity ordered, you'd actually better run two stores within one CS-Cart Ultimate edition. But if you would like to change the price depending on the quantity (for example an item costs $4 but if a customer buys 2 items the price will be $3), quantity discount is the best choice here.

Best regards, Alt-team