Twigmo - website not found error

I have a client that uses Twigmo. When trying to access their site from my table (Chrome) it works fine. When trying to access from my phone (whatever HTC uses for a browser) it generates an error of “Website not found”. Accessing the site from my laptop works fine.

Then, a couple of days later it started working. But then the customer reported that they were getting the “Website not found” error.

Can anyone explain what’s going on? I’m guessing it is some DNS issue with the Twigmo site itself versus anything related to my customer’s website. But would like to know what to tell them about the problem.

I have a similar problem…

On my site, i have never had a single problem accessing from my android phone but some of the company staff had issues similar to what you described when accessing from iphones, using safari. Any idea would be appreciated.