Twigmo - Please Clarify

Hi guys, if Twigmo is not enabled, does this mean that responsive versions of the website cannot be viewed on mobile devices etc?

Is Twigmo the only way to get a responsive store?

Actually the logic is the reverse. If you have a response layout, you don't need a mobile “skin” such as Twigmo. “Responsive” means that the web site renders suitably for whatever device is doing the browsing. So if you're browsing the site on an iPhone, it will render a certain way; but if you're browsing on a PC using the latest Internet Explorer and a 24 inch monitor, it will render as would be expected for a full desktop experience. The whole idea of responsive is that it does away with having to have a mobile skin–the site just adapts to whatever is viewing it.

So if you have a responsive theme, you don't need Twigmo. You can keep it turned off and even uninstall it completely.

Perfect, thanks : )