Turn Off Backordering

We had a situation last night where we had two customers add the same product to their cart around the same time. There was only 1 of those items left.

They obviously went to the checkout at different times, but one of customers order was backordered.

The one that went to the checkout first obviously go the last item and paid for it, but the other customer paid for it, but their status was backordered.

Is there a way for cscart to take out the order from the inventory when someone adds something to their so if someone who is online at the same time goes to add that same product to their cart, it comes up with out of stock?

In other words, we don't want to have backorders.

In General Administration, I have

Enable Inventory tracking ticked

Allow negative amount in inventory unticked

^We have the same settings in that a customer should not be allowed to order anything out of stock. Over the years though, we've had a few instances of an order coming through as “backordered”

i'm sorry I don't have a solution for you, it seems it may be a bug with Cs Cart if someone can checkout with an out of stock item.

Wish I had the solution for you, I think the cs-cart staff don't understand the pain this gives the admin.

If you don't have the stock the customer is disapointed.

If you do have the stock and it's a invantory error - this happens with options - then before you can change the order status to complete you have to go into each product and change the stock levels.

Someone could really mess up your store by placing lots of items in their basket and never checking out.

I think it's a pretty common thing for e-commerce sites not to reduce the stock count until the order has been paid for. I've had the same issue a few times with very large companies.

Placing items in the basket (cart) and not checking out does not debit inventory.

If the customer returns to their basket (cart) and one or more of the items has been sold out, the cart updates, so this will not cause the OP's problem.

I get orders in the Backorder status when an item in their cart only has an item with only ONE piece in inventory (last one), and the cart decreases the inventory for that item twice on checkout- I know the cart is doing this because it sends me a Low Stock notification TWICE for that item - once with “0” inventory, and a second time with “-1” inventory.

I've mostly been able to solve this problem by changing the Backordered Status to “Decrease Inventory” instead of the default “Increase inventory”. I do not allow backorders and have the same setting for inventory controls as the OP:

Enable Inventory tracking ticked

Allow negative amount in inventory unticked

Since I made the change to the Backordered Status, instances of the “last one in stock” going to -1 in the order has stopped.

Thanks Don. Great tip. I've changed our Backordering status inventory to “decrease” as its happened to us a few times.