Trying To Restore Remnants Of My Website.. Service Unavailable

Hey there.. I am trying to restore my website and I keep coming across issues. I have multiple files with backed up folders so I tried to match the FTP files the best I could with the SQL databases yet I can't seem to get anything to work properly. I have backed up store files from 2015 (my host unexpectedly wiped my server clean and told me I would have to pay $150 to restore it) and overall I'm not entirely sure how to get it back up anymore.

This is the most recent error message I get on the 'service unavailable' page.

You will have to match the cs-cart version of the files and database. If you have a valid database and at least the config.local.php of your old site, you MAY be able to use store_import to bring your data into a fresh install.

If you provide us with the temporary access, we can check the issue. Just PM me

Hello, I'm currently having the same issue. I attempted to transfer to a new server. I transferred all my file and restored my database.

I'm currently getting this error:

Unknown column 'unmanaged' in 'where clause' (1054)SELECT addon FROM cscart_addons WHERE unmanaged = 1 AND status = 'A' ORDER BY priority

I'm also unable to log into my admin panel

I'm guessing your DB export/import was not successful.