Trying To Make The Cs-Cart Blog Look Good

Hi Guys

We've been using the Blog add-on but it doesn't look very good.

For a start - it doesn't work or look like it does here.

I have followed the instructions to the letter, even arranged layout to match the one in the guide, but all I get is a long single page. There is no Recent Posts box and the Main Content just fills the width of the page.

In between posts there is no gap.


This is how the blog looks in the guide.


This is how mine looks. Nothing like the CS Cart Blog.

Any ideas how to get it looking how it should?

I want mine to look like this

Erm, well this is strange. The blog was running ok, site was running ok (even if it didn't look good) but then randomly about 15 mins ago we get this error on every page


The error is;

Sorry, service is temporarily unavailable.

Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template "/home/digitalsaveadmin/public_html/design/themes/buyshop/templates/addons/blog/hooks/blocks/" on line 1 "{if $ == "Y" && $smarty.const.AREA == "C"}{capture name="template_content"}{if ""|fn_get_blog_top_menu == 'Y'}" unknown modifier "fn_get_blog_top_menu" -->

Disabling the blog makes the website works again.

It is not a file of the built-in Blog module. Possibly your website had the module with the blog ID before the upgrade. You can delete this file without any worries. Then clear the cache and check

I've Disabled the blog, unistalled it, deleted the entire blog folder from Addons, cleared cache and then reinstalled blog.

Still get the same error

It sounds like the hook isn't registered in init.php.?

Edit: I do not see the function nor the file in the default install. May need to contact theme developer?

Please also put blog files from the clean installation to the var/themes_repository directory. Then uninstall and install module

Do you mean the install files from a clean install of the blog only > i.e App // Addons // Blog

There is no App // Addons the theme_repository to drop the files into?

"fn_get_blog_top_menu" seems to be a function from third party developed blog. You should uninstall and remove everything related to it to use the built-in blog.

Do you mean the install files from a clean install of the blog only > i.e App // Addons // Blog

There is no App // Addons the theme_repository to drop the files into?

No, I mean blog templates which are located in the ROOT_DIR/var/themes_repository/... directory

Can you show me an example, i don't understand? Thanks

Ok I deleted absolutley everything from the root directory to do with Blog including all the files in var/theme_repository/basic/templates etc

I then got a fresh copy of CS Cart and copied the blog files from that back into var/theme_repository/basic/templates and var/theme_repository/advanced/templates as well as replacing the blog files in app/addons

Still having the same problem :(

Ok I kinda fixed it. But it still doesnt look like the CS Cart blog.

Its all single page still and displays the entire article - unlike the demo on the CS Cart website which shows a preview with image and a "Read More" button.

The blocks are working though this time, I have recent posts on the left hand side.

Maybe it is how I have set my blog up? I have created a ROOT PAGE Entitled "The Digital Save Blog" and have created all other blog entries with this as the parent page?

This is how were looking now

All I want to do now is find someone to just display a preview of each article with a button to "Read More" like the default layout.

Use the  tag (switch to source code to insert it) to hide part of the post. Only the part above the tag is shown in the list of all posts.

Make sure to close all HTML tags above the  tag!

Hoe this will help

Thanks but thats not right.

The CS Cart blog ( shows the articles in their own individual boxes with a preview of the artice and a button to click if you want to read the entire article.