Trying to integrate a new Gate way to your cart.

Well. i am adding a new gate way to the cart, i am almost done with it.

What i mean is i manage to sent the client to the hosting gate way site, then return - collect the returned values manipulate them. then using the finish payment and changing order status functions so basically in order tables if order is complete i see a new order and its marked as complete +the buy and the merchant get an email about the order.

so basically the order handling i am ok with.

my problem is whenever a client is returned from the gate way he comes back to a 404 page not found… and not to order “review page”

my only guess is i after going through the order completion functions i need to use exit;

i did not get a chance to check

anyone knows if that is correct or there is something else i need to do to get to the other page ?

redirect maybe ?

CS cart team i know this kind of help is not something you guys giving for free as you guy making money of selling integration. however i am very close to finish the this integration and paying for you guys to do it wouldn't make much sense.

If you don't want to help please give someone else here the chance to.

Thanks in advanced everyone.

Seems i am unable to edit the above posts so i will update here.

the more i dig the more i see that function and variable i thought doing one thing, doing another…

so as far as i know right now… fn_order_placement_routines is the function that takes you to the “view order page”

what i have trouble with is … when i get back from the gateway i get both yellow box stating that the Transaction canceled by customer, and a green box that says that the order were successful

i also set change order status to P , i also tried C, did not matter much

the cart get empty, the order is being placed , email is being dispatched.

but that 2 notification box problem … i cant seem to solve…

any help would be highly appreciated.