Try Version 4.17.1 Before Release

We have released version 4.17.1 Beta. It will be useful to:

  • add-on and theme developers—they can test their products in advance to prepare for 4.17.1;
  • the merchants who are interested to see how the new version will work, and what they’ll have to do during the upgrade.

The full list of changes is very long, so we left it in the changelog and in the post-upgrade notifications. We also have an article about technical changes for developers.

The best way to try 4.17.1 Beta is to upgrade from the previous version:

  1. Make sure that your store runs on 4.16.2.

  2. Create a dev copy of your store. Make sure to close the storefront. It is a requirement for a dev copy, while you are still using your own key.

    Don’t upgrade your live store to 4.17.1 Beta—there won’t be an upgrade from the 4.17.1 Beta to the final 4.17.1 release.

  3. In your test copy, go to Settings → Licensing mode and change the key to the one that matches your product:

    • CS-Cart Store Builder: CS-BETA-F1DS-B4B2-7QHS-YQW0
    • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor: MV-ULT-BETA-E621-LG57-4DB3-ZTG8

    These keys will only have one upgrade: from 4.16.2 to 4.17.1. Once the testing is over, we will disable these keys. When you enter and save them, you’ll no longer need to keep the storefront closed. But it’s best to open it after step 4.

  4. Install the upgrade. After the upgrade you’ll see notifications about the changes. They’ll tell you what to do and check next.

If you can’t upgrade a test copy for any reason, you’ll still be able to try 4.17.1 as a new installation. Just download Store Builder 4.17.1 Beta or Multi-Vendor 4.17.1 Beta and use the corresponding keys provided above.

Feel free to discuss 4.17.1 Beta and everything related to it in this topic.

Did you add support for php 8.1 in this release?

Yes, we did.

P.S. I wanted to reply with just “Yes”, but “Post must be at least 20 characters” :slight_smile:


[*] Add-ons: GDPR Compliance (EU): The terms of use tooltip has been replaced with a popup.



Under Settings > Appearance, select International phone number and save.
Edit a profile.
Go to the Phone field.
Select a country.
Start typing.
There is a display issue.

I assume the country dropdown should not be displayed.


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Why do we need to have this mask. In my country using the brackets is something weird. There is a much better js library like this: National mode option example - International Telephone Input

  1. Add country validation at national level.
  2. Right now you need to scroll down if you want to change the country (you cannot use keyboard input with partial text lookup).
  3. Add ip geo-lookup to define country
  4. Use dynamic formatting

@ikoshkin Please, enhance it before you release it. I’ve sent you a PM with my current implementation in cs-cart. I think it’s much better than what you’re trying to release.

@ikoshkin Around 1 year ago there was a topic with ideas about promotion improvements in the cs-cart. Do you plan to start implementing some of those ideas in cs-cart? I think that the current mechanism is a littlebit outdated and I would love to see you’re working on it.

I don’t mean to be self-advertising, but while current promotion system may be a bit unintuitive, it gives a huge opportunities for developers to expand it. So you may want to look into promotion add-ons developed in Marketplace, if you’re looking for new conditions/bonuses.

@ikoshkin - does this update add any completely new functionalities, or only improvements & fixes?
It’s absolutely ok if it only improves current software, just wanted to make sure that I correctly understood the changelog :slight_smile:

We considered this library too, among others. Our devs analyzed many factors. Here are just a few of them:

  • How it’ll work on mobile devices
  • Whether or not the browser autofill will work
  • Whether or not Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V will work
  • How many false positives the mask gives
  • Etc.

After the analysis, we decided to use Google’s library as a solid foundation for future development and improvements. As always, you bring up very good points as to what those improvements should be :slight_smile:

However, we won’t postpone the release because of it. Version 4.17.1 brings much more than a new optional phone mask. There is PHP 8.1, improvements related to USPS, Stripe and Stripe Connect, storing Google Fonts locally (for GDPR purposes), and more. We’d rather deliver all of that as soon as we can.

It’s not planned for the immediate future, but I’m not ruling it out entirely. When we do get around to improving promotions, that topic will be the first place where we’ll draw inspiration.

You are correct, version 4.17.1 is mostly about improvements and fixes. Some of those improvements are bigger in scale on the technical side, so that’s why it’s not a patch version.

Registration page. Extra margin to the right of the checkbox.



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Go to Products list.
Select a product.
Click Edit selected.
See display issue.


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Thanks, issues noted. We’ll try to eliminate them before 4.17.1, or failing that, in 4.17.2.

When do plan for 4.17.2 to be ready?

Will it be ok for PHP8.2?

I’d expect a couple of months after the release of version 4.17.1.

PHP 8.2 support won’t happen in 4.17.2, but will definitely happen some time further down the line.


I appreciate the update I will wait for 17.2

I hope version 4.17.2 you guys will update JShrink and cssjanus to their latest version

For the moment, this isn’t planned for 4.17.2.

Could you tell me why you’d like them updated? Have you encountered any issues or bugs in CS-Cart caused by older versions?

When is the release date for version 4.17.1? Could you please add an “Unlimited” option for products that don’t have a quantity, like services?

Version 4.17.1 should become available in August.

This is already possible. In “Settings > General” there’s a setting called “Track inventory”.

  • In Store Builder Free, this setting can only changed globally, for all products.
  • But in Store Builder Plus and in Multi-Vendor, you can turn this setting on and off for individual products.
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I understand that Track Inventory can be turned off for service categories, but it won’t work if there are products that need to be tracked. I have enabled “Allow negative amount in inventory” and “Show out of stock products,” but it displays “On backorder” when inventory reaches zero. Is it possible to add a “No Limit” option under Pricing/Inventory, so that inventory does not need to be updated and “On backorder” is not displayed?