Trustpilot script integration


Can somebody to point how to add the script and what/where file please?
Here is documentation how-to-setup-javascript-integration.pdf (
I need help with this part where to add:

Thank you in advance.

For example, you can use HTML block with SMARTY support and add this script to the Order landing page layout page (Design → Layouts)

If you are familiar with hooks, use the My changes module and hook in the following file



Thank you. It works.

When it comes to integrations, unfortunately Cs-cart (in spite being better than most out there) is intentionally omitted from most world’s (American) popular services, which means Cs-cart needs to take it into their own hands to create all these integrations. I know Cs-cart probably has a lot on their plate (new Cs-cart enterprise dev etc), but it’d would be nice if they sorted out small quick but useful integrations so we are not left out.


I agree with Undercover…There are really must have integrations that cs-cart does not have.As far I checked addons marketplace,there are no integrations to most popular ratings and reviews services like to Trustpilot and similar platforms.This is big mistake !

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