[Troubleshooting] Google Analytics reports negative ecommerce revenue

Apologies for posting this in General Questions but I don’t appear to have permissions to post in Issues and Troubleshooting.

I’m trying to figure out an odd bug with CS-Cart’s Google Analytics reporting. When customers order a product, it’s displayed correctly and (positive) revenue appears in analytics. However when our staff mark the order as completed, Google Analytics then reports a second transaction - identical to the first, except with negative revenue.

It appears that there’s something weird going on with the ecommerce tracking, but I don’t understand why the software would ever report negative revenues when the products are completed. Has anyone else had any experience with this? There’s a possibility that our workflow for marking orders as complete is entirely wrong, but what action in particular would cause this behaviour?

Thanks in advance. :)

Hello dhmholley,

Thank you for your message.

This should not happen in CS-Cart by default. In my opinion the problem occurs because the value of the Inventory setting was changed for the Complete order status. Please go to Orders > Order Statuses in your CS-Cart admin panel and click on the Complete status. In the opened window, please make sure that the Inventory setting has the Decrease value set up. If not, change the value to Decrease and click the Save button.

If it does not help you to resolve the problem, the problem requires examination on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk and provide temporary access to your server by clicking on the Add record link on the Access information page of your Help Desk account so that we could examine the issue.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Thanks Pavel, I've changed the setting and hopefully that will have fixed the problem. Many thanks!

You are welcome.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team


I have same problem here but i use a lot of differnt statuses ...

I mean I have a different status for each of our different courrier.

All are set to decrease stock

All our orders arrive on RECEIVED PAYMENT (wich is status P)

Then we change it for anoteher status (the one of the courrier) :

Eg. : R is GEODIS, J is TNT, C is GLS ...

Does that affect our Google Analytics data ?

If yes how can I correct that

Best regards


All your special statuses for your carriers should have the inventory set to 'decrease'. Open, Processed and Complete should all have the inventory set to "decrease" as well.

I'd be concerned that you have renamed the "Complete" status (C) to be used by a carrier status.