Trouble Importing Price Column In Google Merchant Center Using Datafeeds


We're trying to import our products data feed into google merchant centre using data feeds and the google export addon.

When we import our txt file it shows the error: Unsupported currency in attribute: price

I believe this is because it's missing the currency in the price column.

Google expects the price in the format: 15.00 GBP

CS carts price field doesn't contain the currency. so when we map the price column in the datafeed to the price attribute in CS cart it only shows 15.00, not 15.00 GBP and therefore we receive the error.

Does anyone know how we can solve this problem, ie. how to include the price in the data feed with the currency in the correct format?


Install the Google Export addon. It will add the Google price field to fields mapping. Use it instead of default Price