Trouble Finding Dispatch=Checkout.complete Step Layout

I want to change the page of 'order received', because I'm making a custom function which integrates with the local shop. The page I'm talking about is in the attachments.

I've found the .tpl files which interact with this. I've found the checkout.complete function, but nothing there indicates where the actual text comes from. I've tried searching all my file contents, but it's quite a tedious task and doesn't get me much further.

The CS-Cart version we're running is 4.6.2. Any luck someone can point me in the right direction? :)

Thanks in advance

Template is located here


It has hooks for your needs. Main text comes from the text_order_placed_successfully language variable (Administration -> Languages -> Translations)

There is also layout page called Order landing page (Design -> Layouts). You can add additional content there as well

Thanks, it was a bit of a puzzle, but we found it.

You are welcome!