Trial Installation Instructions?

[quote name=‘Unregistered’]Am I missing something? I’ve downloaded the .zip files to my hard drive. Now what?[/QUOTE]

Now do what it says in the INSTALL file. If you can’t open it, just rename it to install.txt.

Oh, what the hell, I’ll quote it here:

CS-Cart Installation Instructions


  1. Uncompress the CS-Cart distribution archive anywhere inside your web tree. On Unix-based server with terminal access to it, you can do it using the following command: tar -xzvf cscart_vX.X.tgz or gunzip < cscart_vX.X.tgz | tar -xvf -

  2. Go to the CS-Cart installation directory and change file access permissions. On Unix-based server with terminal access to it you can do it using the following commands:

    chmod 777

    chmod 777 admin.php

    chmod 777 config.php

    chmod 777 index.php

    chmod 777 image.php

    chmod -R 777 var

    chmod -R 777 images

  3. Open in your browser CS-Cart Installation Wizard at the following URL: [url][/url]. Then follow the instructions provided by the Installation Wizard.

  4. Finally you should setup proper permissions to protect files from writing. On Unix-based server with terminal access to it you can do it using the following commands:

    chmod 644 config.php

    chmod 755

            • +

              Please use the following username and password to access administrator backend:

              username: admin

              password: admin

              ATTENTION! You must change default administrator password to prevent unauthorized access.

[quote name=‘Unregistered’]Sorry to reply to my own post, figured out the installation pretty much on my own, but stilll having problems…

  1. Why would safe_mode need to be disabled if safe_mode is a good thing? My ISP says no way are they turning safe_mode off. ???

  2. Does the real installation require safe_mode to be turned off like the trial version?


    Im far from an expert with safe mode, but from what I have read safe mode imposes quite a few restrictions with PHP, from using the carts features I can only assume functions such as manipulating / auto creating thumbnails would be a problem and also when applying a skin it copies files from the skins repository… this would also be impossible with safe mode on as php would not be able to run shell commands to move / copy / rename files ??

    which would limit the functionality and ease of use drastically !

    Correct me if im wrong with above, Its more of a guess than knowledge…