Translation via language Pack, API or Cloud?

Hi guys

Whats the best solution to translate the MV in different languages?
Install language packs? install an addon and make a translation via API (example or translate via Script and Cloud (example

what do you use for a solution?

You can download language packs here

Also this service allows to improve current translations

thank you for your answer.
But if a Vendor upload a product description in english and someone switch the language to spanish, does the language packs translate the product descriptions too? or are the language packs translations static only for the user interface?


I thought I’d provide a brief summary:

  • CS-Cart is developed in English.

  • Translations into other languages are handled by our community and reviewed by our partners in those countries.

  • Partners and community can’t always cover the full translation into a language. So for about a couple dozen of languages, we supplement the human-made translations with machine translations (until they can be reviewed and adjusted as needed). Just so that our clients and their customers wouldn’t end up with a button in a foreign language somewhere.

All of the above applies to static texts, like user interface on the storefront and in the admin panel.

If you want to translate dynamic content (vendor product descriptions, etc.), that has to be done somehow else. How exactly would depend on the scale of your marketplace, the number of vendors, etc. Here’s how I would tackle it:

  • For a few test products (proof of concept), I’d just put product descriptions into services like Google Translate manually (or ask the vendors to do it).

  • If vendors have too many products, and you have too many vendors, there are ways to automate this process. I’ve found at least one add-on at our Add-on Market:

    Cloud Translation by Google add-on for CS-Cart

P.S. There may be other options (like having the texts translated by the agency), but machine translations have gone a long way since the last decade, and may be more cost-effective.

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Unfortunately the descriptions of items you added can be translated only manually out of the box. Also there were several solutions on the marketplace. E.g.