Translation for Version 3.02 RMA


I have an solution for people who have the same problem or will have this problem in the future.

If you’re using RMA and you want to translate it all to your own language than I came accros an problem.

When you want to translate an sentence in the section asking for an refunnd.

You will see an box with the text “Type comments here”. I whas looking for the way to translate it.

I had to it all in dutch. But this sentence whas still english.

I saw that there whas no language variable in the create_return.tpl


Go to [YOUR SKIN]/customer/addons/rma/views/rma/create_return.tpl

Than change the following code:

[color=#0000ff]Type comments here[/color]

Change the code into:


Save always the original file!!!

Than go to admin>languages and creat an new Language variable:

Language variable: [color=#0000ff]rma_return_comments[/color]

Value: [color=#0000ff]what ever text you want in your own language[/color]

Than save it .

Than you’ve got this sentence translated.

It worked perfect for me. It’s no hook. They forgot to put the code: {$lang.rma_return_comments} in there.

I hope it’s usefull for somebody else who has the same problem.

If it’s not clear, let me know.

thank you I will try! 8)

tanks :grin: