Translate strings with dynamic values in it

I am trying to translate some variables that have two dynamic values inside them… I have already accomplised that with one. For example I have this:

The product with MPN: <strong>[product_mpn]</strong> is not found! inside cs-cart translate… and in the backend I have this:

{"[product_mpn]"|str_replace:$cs_product.value:__("da_suppliers_invoices_results_mpn_not_found") nofilter}

It is working as I wanted and expected! Now I would like to have two dynamic variables… How could I write it? What is the format of this?

thank you for your time!

anyone? I am sure this is possible, any example or guide?

thanks in advance

Please try

{assign var="my_notification" value="[product_mpn]"|str_replace:$cs_product.value:__("da_suppliers_invoices_results_mpn_not_found")}
{"[product_mpn2]"|str_replace:$cs_product.value2:$my_notification nofilter}

(!) Not tested

Hello there, sorry for the delay, seems to be working, but this is not exactly what I asked for… I mean that I want inside one translate to have two dynamic variables… although this is a work arround I would say… thanks anyway!

Yes, my example will call the da_suppliers_invoices_results_mpn_not_found language variable and change “[product_mpn]” with $cs_product.value and “[product_mpn2]” with $cs_product.value2 value