Transfer remaining funds to vendor on Stripe


If i issue a partial refund to the customer, how do I transfer the remaining funds to the vendor using stripe connect?

The transfer to vendor button no longer exists


If you make the return using the RMA add-on, only the returned amount will be deducted from the vendor’s account. Could you please clarify what you mean by transfer funds to the vendor?

When using stripe connect, the marketplace operator can hold payments and then via the order page click

‘tranfer funds to vendor’

However, if a partial refund is given via the stripe connect panel itself (not cs-cart RMA) then we are not able to select ‘transfer to vendor’

How do we give the vendor their remaining funds

Thank you for your clarification.

In the case of a partial refund, the button to send the money to the vendor won’t be displayed. In this case, your vendor will have to wait 28 days for Stripe to automatically transfer the remaining funds to the vendor.