Tracking Number Sent In The "order Complete" Email?

I searched but couldn't find this topic. I have always assumed (no I didn't test it), that when we mark an order complete after entering the tracking number, that the tracking number was provided in the email that's automatically sent to the customer. I just learned this isn't the case. Is there a way we can do that?


when you enter a tracking number, you need to check at the bottom of that form the sent to customer checkbox, so that an extra email (not the order status) will be send to him.

you can also change the order status from the same form by changing the status at the bottom of the form and let customer have also an email for this.

I can tell you that such a modification will have to be made to the core files of CS-Cart, as there are not enough hooks for such a function in the email forms. So any future update will delete all those mods.

Its better you work with the standard functionality that CS-Cart offers.


Ehm I don't know but with us the tracking number is sent in the invoice. when we put the order on complete. You first add the number, then save the order, and then put it on complete.

I made it so that it's clickable too so it goes directly to the DHL site and shows the result.


in case of a real time shipping method it might be the case.

Manual methods as far as I know they send seperate email

My staff paste the tracking number into the “Customer Notes” field right before they mark the order as sent. AFAIK the customer gets the tracking number in the “order sent” email. Our carrier also sends a seperate email advising that the package has been lodged.

dvsgr, I do check at the bottom for it to be sent to the customer. I also use Real Time shipping rates.

Flow, those are the same steps I perform as well, but still no tracking numbers in the emails. (How do you make it clickable?)

Scott_C, we also have the carrier send a separate email, but I feel it adds convenience to have it in the completed email notification. When I order online, I use the tracking numbers provided in the emails.

@Brennie, maybe this might help you