Tracking Number From Vendors View

So i just realized that in my marketplace the Orders view is different from the Admin panel than from the vendors panel.

So from the Admin panel (see first picture) you are able to 'Create a detailed shipment' in which you can add a tracking number which would be included in the invoice sended to the costumer.


From vendor panel (see second picture) the Order view has changed and now this option ('Create a detailed shipment) is not available any longer. Furthermore, there is no 'Save changes' button, so you (as a vendor) cannot add a tracking number for the order.


This was not happening until recently, so I would like to know if it is due to any change in recent upgrades and, in that case, where or what should I change in order to add this functionality ('Create a detailed shipment') back; or it is just in my marketplace and so does anyone have any idea of how to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance for your tips!

I am currently using the last Cs-cart version (4.11.5).