Track My Order(S) And Register - Login

1- We need to prepare a page for Track my order(s). Sometimes clients may not see the section in my account (dropdown). When they click Track my order(s), they should be able to see their order situation by writing order number. Emails may go to spam
2- We want visitors (people not logged in) to see a menu on top.
we ll give link as register / login
after login "my account" would be visible

It would be a huge security issue to provide order details to a non-logged in user without an appropriate "e-key" that confirms that they received the email at the specified email address. Circumventing this feature opens up tons of privacy and liability issues.

Edit: It might be reasonable to do if they are using the same IP address. But this would probably rule out mobile access for the functionality.

May be use browser cookie to identificate user and show corresponding orders made from this browser. You can contact us and discuss this point with our developers. Thank you.