Track Inventory Option, Can It Be Individual For Variants At All?

Hi - we have the issue of having say white T shirts in 2 sizes, one size no stock but we want people to sign up for notifications - the other we can get an infinite amount. Unfortunately it seems the inventory tracking method has to be the same for both?

(Colour feature is Variatians as one product)

not sure think they have to be seperate variations

Please share the URL where this behaviour can be checked

Here for example, we have another option which is white 4mm - but we want that set to track and it to say out of stock, but the 2.8mm we want set as is - but we can't have them set differently so have to just disable the 4mm for now.

I can't answer your question, but I like you blog page set-up ... what add-on are you using for that if you don't mind me asking?

Has anyone else come across this, is there a workaround?

This is for when set to ‘Variations as one product’ - it takes away a lot of individual settings, too much here?


You may check the following schemes:
and extend them in your add-on: