Track Inventory Not For Sale?

I have products that I have some for sale on my website and some not currently for sale. For example:

Product #A1 - In stock = 25 or which 20 are for sale on my website and 5 are in stock but not for sale. I would like the ability to use this for all inventory needs and would like to see in the admin Total QTY / QTY for sale. Then it would make it easy for me to move products to and from for sale and adjust the qty of the site at anytime.

I am also looking for better inventory reporting. For example, I would like to be able to produce a report that says Category "A" has 100 different products, with 500 in stock of which 460 are for sale. Total sales value is $1,000 total (460 for sale x Price). Total value is $1,200 (500 in stock X List Price). Also then I can produce a report that shows all products in that category that are out of stock.


There is simply no such possibility. It would be necessary to prepare addons that would perform such functions.

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Thanks, I assumed it would be something requiring development. I was curious if anyone was aware of an add-on that did something similar already available? I was thinking with so many sites selling through multiple channels, there might have been as ask for this previously, a way to track all of your items within the database and admin panel, but only show some products on your website for sale as others are for sale on other sites or sitting in inventory not ready for sale.


If there is no such add-on on the marketplace, write it. Have you been looking for it in the marketplace?

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I do not see any add-ons with what I am looking for. I am willing to pay for something to be created.


Write to us on PM and describe exactly how you want it to work.

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when you say "for sale", are you meaning a separate sale price? Or are you wanting to effectively have the product(s) have zero quantity as seen by the system when effectively there is still inventory available? Just curious why you want to track (but reserve) some product quantities?

Exactly, it is reserving some product QTY - So I may own 100 of an item, but I only want 20 listed for sale on the website as the other 80 are being held for any other number of reasons, including potentially being sold on another site. But I want to track all of my "inventory" in one database so I can get accurate totals on qty in stock, value, etc. The website might show only 20 of an item, but in the admin panel I would like to be able to see 100 in stock of which 20 are listed for sale. I hope this makes sense?

It would be a pretty straightforward addon to let you set a minimum inventory for product where the frontend would behave as if that amount were the actual inventory and the backend would behave normally. I.e. if you had a product with quantity 100 and wanted "minimum inventory" to be 20, the frontend would see 80 and when inventory got down to 20 it would see zero. But the backend would continue to work as normal. So when actual inventory was down to 20 the product would be considered backorderd if purchased. Feel free to click the link in my signature for "get a quote" if you'd like a quote for this.

One related question - I see sales reports within the admin but no inventory reports. Is there a way to export an inventory report such as total products / total value per category?

If you mean sales per category, you can set up such a chart

Where are you going to get those report options?

More importantly, I am looking for a simple inventory report, not for sales. For example, the report export would show all items in stock on the site:

Category A - 10 unique products 50 total qty $100.00 in value

Category B - 5 Unique Products 15 total qty $250.00 on value


The reason these are important is I have millions of sku's and tracking inventory is challenging and extremely important - Trying to find a way to house all of the inventory in one database that can allow for in stock not for sale items (As discussed early in this thread) as well as detailed reporting on items per category and values of inventory. Right now I have several spreadsheets and importing back and forth to the site is not ideal.

I'm not aware of normal inventory reporting in cs-cart. You might be able to accomplish what you want with an export of product data. But as far as traditional inventory reporting goes (optionally sectioned by inventory status, sort orders, etc.) it is not available in standard cs-cart. I think whats needed is for someone to invest in a good reporting tool that can use cs-cart export data to generate reports from or to integrate via the API or directly to the database. But again, this doesn't exist and is a significant project to implement.

I guess I would question your use of a CMS for real inventory management if you have millions of products.... cs-cart is a CMS with a 'cart' extension. It is NOT a business management system.