Totalserver Solutions... Totalsucks!


Stay away from TotalServer Solutions.

I have been a customer of theirs since 2004 -- yes that's 15 years!

Before being TotalServer Solutions it was EWD Hosting and maybe 6 or 7 years they merge.

I had been hosting my X-Cart site and for the last two years my CS-Cart.

Had a problem yesterday (customer could no longer checkout). After 5 hours of back and forth I asked them to restore from the last backup... only to be told I don't have backup services!!!

What??? It's like discovering after a flat tire that you don't have a spare because during the last oil change they removed your spare tire since you did not sign for spare tire service!!

So stay away from these clowns and totally unethical people. As a matter of fact there are so Not-To-Be-Trusted that no prices for services or hosting plans are to be found on their website!



Not having backups is on you. You should not blame a company for doing exactly what you told them to do. If you really desire to have things such as daily backups, you should have investigated this. Just like you check if you have a spare tire before you go on a roadtrip.

Also, a lot of people dont use daily backups anyways as most of the time people use separate database servers anyways (to avoid loosing data).

So consider this to be a valuable lesson, and don't rant about companies that do exactly as instructed.

Kind regards,

You expect to have a spare tire whether you do a road trip... or simply goes to the supermarket. I doubt that you, or anyone else for that matter, check he/she has a spare tire before starting their engine!

They did maintain during my 15 years with this company a daily backup, which by the way, is mentioned, as included, in every plan of any other company I have been reviewing since. It's only recently they chose to remove it and have it added as a paid option. Meaning removing my spare tire without my knowledge.

And talking about plan I would challenge you to find a plan... any plan with pricing posted on their website. ( This company sucks. EWD Hosting was an excellent company that got swallowed by this not-to-be-trusted company.

Have a great day.

I heard about this company only negative, thanks