Total Sales for the Day not matching Actual

On 2 of my sites the admin home page sales for today are incorrect, they are including some sales as early as 7:00 PM yesterday. The server and php time zone both have the correct time and in the admin area of my CS Cart are correct. When I get an order in it shows the correct time.

Any idea where to start looking at this?

Settings > Appearance…right at the bottom, do you have the timezone set up correctly? I haven't yet looked into it for V3 but I do remember having a similar problem with V2.2 which CS-Cart fixed by editing some of the core software files.

They are all set to (GMT-05:00) Eastern time which is correct. I have 3 sites. Two have Time format: 15:43, one site is working properly and the other is not and one set to 3:43 PM which is not working correctly. V3.0.6 is working correctly 3.0.4 is not working correctly.