Top menu tabs will not delete?

I had made some tabs for one of the top menu tabs for our site to add some forms onto it.

Well I was going to go back in to remove them and redo them. When i deleted the form off under content> pages, and deleted out of design> top menu also, it still shows up on the user end of the website. There’s no tabs or forms now on the admin side but still shows up on the user end?

I have cleared my cache and cookies multiple times, even restarted firefox and still shows the tab on the topmenu, if you click on it, it shows a Not Found page, so the form was deleted but i cant get the rab to go away!

Can anyone help me here?

If you deleted the page and the top menu item, you should be good to go. Methinks you have another top menu item, probably a link, in your back end somewhere. Look again…

ill check that ^

Cs cart is really starting to make me mad, they said there too busy right now to help me out with a problem on there shopping cart.

go figure