Top menu dysfunctionality

Hello all,

When you click on the top menu in the last element on right the dropdown list with subcategories is appeared. The problem is that there are 8 main categories, so the last one at right is located very close to the end of the page. When the sub-categories (they are 16) appeared half of them are not visible because of the page create scrollbars and you must click the right arrow to appear full dropdwon list.

I hope to understand what I mean…

Please any idea ?

Thank you

If I understand you correctly then I am having the same issues.

I have created some onclick menus just under my logo and they are right aligned. However if you click on the leftmost item the dropdown positions itself to the left of the webpage (outside of the normal 936px page size) on my screen this is not a problem as I run at 1650x1280 however on phones and smaller screens customers cannot see the menu items

I've been trying to work on the code for ages now and I am at a complete loss… Anyone any ideas?



Sorry to add: What I would really like to do is have the menu box come straight down and still have the text to the left but inline with the category rather than positioned to the left of it.

Got to add now that I have had to move the menus in to the middle of the page, this is not ideal but as I literally cannot find a work around I will have to put up with this rather than have my customers unable to see the menus that are at the extreme left of the page :(

contact cs support they have a fix for this


You could try the CSS fix from